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Vision 2020 – Will Our Collective Vision Be Restored?

When we look back in time some dates are symbolic of big changes in our collective perceptions such as the turn of the century when the entire developed world focused on Y2K or the year after when 9/11 literally changed the world in many ways that still affect us today. Now the year 2020 is here, it may end in a symbolic fashion but for now our collective vision is extremely blurry.

Call Out News is dedicated to creating a new way of doing journalism, a way to give every single person a voice whether it be through uncensored comments, subscriber reports or viral news that you can send in yourself, we believe that we can change the landscape of the media to allow anyone with an internet connection to report the news as it happens… to be the source.

Regardless of the events or circumstances people face from year to year the news has been the same for far too long. Let’s work together in 2020 to bring a new unscripted perspective to the world of journalism. Everyone deserves the right to call out the news from wherever it’s happening.

The Call Out News team wishes everyone a prosperous and fruitful new year.