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Two Military Brothers Harassed for Choosing Not to Take the Vaccine Are Now Facing Less than Honorable Discharge from the Biden Gang

The father of two young Christian military men of good character, who are choosing not to take the COVID vaccine based on religious reasons, is asking for help. His boys are being harassed and are facing dishonorable discharges for exercising their God-given rights.

Here is the proud father’s story of his hero sons and what they are going through:

I am trying to get a little help for 2 of my sons. Here is their story. Since they are currently in uniform I am telling it for them. I don’t know how newsworthy this is for you but I need help fighting this evil and don’t know where to turn. I am shadow-banned or outright Jailed on my social media platforms.

Chris and Eric Williams, both Eagle Scouts, are two of my sons who watched me struggle and fight the VA system their entire lives. They decided to join the military knowing full well what lay ahead for them should they become injured, why? Because it was important to them to serve their country.

** Please donate to help these two young men here.

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