As the conflict between Iran and the U.S escalated, missiles were fired at Al-Asad Airbase in Iraq from Iran and a passenger plane dropped from the sky after taking off from Tehran Airport in a ball of flames, all in one long night. The briefings coming in immediately after the plane burst into flames were all pointing at the cause of the plane crash being engine failure, stupefied, we contemplated releasing an update on the crash but quickly realized we all know this was no regular plane crash and even hinting that it was an innocent accident might help us secure a spot in hell for blatantly lying to the public like most media outlets are currently doing.

We watched the clip of the crash many times, we scoured the sources for better info and avoided falling in the same mind-numbing trap that would influence us to state it was just a badly timed accident. Nothing prepared us for the wall of misleading disinformation that the MSM created in the hours following the 737 800 crash. Every news outlet received the same briefings to parrot, “Iran says the cause was not a stray missile”, “Iran says the cause was engine failure”, “Iran says it was an accident”, “Iran says bla bla bla”.

The people watching the only evidence available on the other hand show the plane was hit multiple times in the sky before bursting into flames and crashing, all within thirty seconds. From thousands of feet to ground zero in mere seconds, the plane looked like an asteroid once it was fully engulfed by flames then came down in a massive explosion that left pieces burning on the ground. Some of us watching the footage didn’t even believe it was a plane, others knew it was a plane containing 176 passengers who will never be seen again, it was difficult to watch once we agreed that innocent people are in fact being used as political pawns regardless of what we were watching.

We also agreed that no one in their right mind would really claim this was an accident and only the most naive people could deny that it was shot down, yet when morning came the media narrative played out in most news outlets that it was just an accident. The only accident I can see is how we got to the point of blindly believing the news outlets parroting the same narrative daily, feeding us blatant lies to push the agenda they carefully plan out and script for our viewing pleasure daily, which serves to divide us and profit from our ignorance or our insolence. We should all know by now that the vast majority of news outlets lie on behalf of corrupt governments.

This story is incomplete for good reason, it won’t ever be concluded in a truthful manner because the truth could set us free, free from the lies sold to us daily by the same mainstream news outlets that somehow knew Bin Laden crashed planes into building on day one, the same outlets that predicted a renovation fire at Notre-Dame Cathedral on day one, the same outlets that somehow know the 737-800 in Tehran crashed due to engine failure on day one without even seeing the black box… and of course, the same outlets claiming Epstein killed himself and his partner Ghislaine Maxwell is nowhere to be found. Sadly, the untold truth is remaining untold for now as it seems too unbearable to openly discuss.

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