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A man gunned down a female construction worker in broad day light — during her lunch break at her City Island construction site. Lizbeth Mass, 52, was shot six times by Jose Everaldo Reyes who got jealous after he found out that she is in a relationship.

The shooter visited Mass on her lunch break and brought her food before the shooting.

Mass’s brother, Raul Mass, said to the New York Post that “the guy lived around the area and he was always bringing lunch to her, and my sister is a friendly person to everybody, and he went out to her yesterday, bought her lunch.”

That afternoon, Dwayne Walker — Mass’s boyfriend — stopped by to see her. Reyes was introduced to Walker and left enraged on his bike after finding out that Walker is in relationship with Mass. Returned a short time later and fired six shots at Mass, police sources said.

Reyes shot Mass with a gun stolen from a housing cop who retired in 1988.

Walker was nearby when the shooting happened and he saw it from his car, the Sonata. He saw Reyes tried to escape. Walker sped and rammed the shooter, sent him and his bike flying. The event captured on the video.

An on-duty, undercover IRS agent ran to the scene and handcuffed Reyes, the sources said.

Lizbeth’s father, Pedro Mass, 75, called her “a good daughter.”

“Imagine how I feel, she was my only daughter,” he said. “It’s not easy to lose a daughter.