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REVEALED: My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell filled truck with 10,000 free pillows for Freedom Convoy protestors but it was turned away at Michigan-Canadian border because his trucker was unvaccinated
  • My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell has plans to drop free pillows from a helicopter to Freedom Convoy protestors in Ottawa, Canada
  • Lindell said the pillows would be fashioned with ‘little parachutes’ to ensure their safe delivery and reiterated that his plan was ‘no joke’
  • Yet he told former Trump adviser Steve Bannon that he was not planning the airdrop and instead opting to go through the border further east
  • It’s Lindell’s latest attempt to support Canadians protesting COVID-19 mandates after a truck filled with My Pillows was stopped at the border this week
  • The truck drivers were turned away for not being vaccinated as Canada requires proof of vaccination and a negative test result to travel in and out of the country
  • It comes as the Canadian government has begun warning of mass arrests of people continuing the protest on Thursday

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell said his truck packed with 10,000 pillows shipped to Canadians protesting COVID-19 mandates was blocked at the border because the driver was unvaccinated.

Initial reports from Canadian media claimed the staunch Donald Trump supporter was in the truck with a videographer and the driver when it was turned away because all three were unvaccinated and did ‘not have a negative PCR test in hand,’ according to the National Post.

However, Lindell told former Trump adviser Steve Bannon on Thursday that he was never in the truck.

He also shot down reports that he would charter a helicopter and airlift the load of pillows to the protesters.

The Minnesota mogul had previously told the Daily Beast: ‘We need to get the My Pillows to the people,’ and said his poly-foam pillows will be equipped with ‘little parachutes’ to ensure their safe delivery.

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