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On Tuesday, The Epoch Times released never before seen footage of Ashli Babbitt that provides even more insight into what happened before she was shot and killed by Capitol Hill Police Officer Mike Byrd.

Once again, the latest video directly contradicts the fabricated narrative that Babbitt had been acting as a violent insurrectionist, and even supports the evidence that was released last week that showed she was attempting to stop two violent instigators from smashing the windows leading into the Speaker’s lobby.

In several new screenshots that were released last week by investigative reporter Tayler Hansen, Babbitt can be seen yelling at the men who were smashing the windows just seconds before she was killed by Lt. Mike Byrd in cold blood.

For several minutes before she was shot, Babbitt fought to stop bad actors from smashing up the Capitol. She also shouted at police guarding the doors leading to the Speaker’s lobby to call for backup.

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