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Nashville explosion: A recreational vehicle exploded early Friday morning.

Buck Mccoy witnessed the place he has been living for the last five years and all the things that he has been using to make a living demolished.

Buck McCoy heard multiple gunshots early Friday before the explosion but could not find the source of the gunfire and decided to go to sleep. He heard more gunshots but chose not to get up and the explosion happened. It knocked the windows from the front room into the back. “There was just the biggest explosion I have ever, ever heard,” McCoy said.

The law enforcement officials identified Anthony Quinn Warner as the Christmas morning bomber in Nashville. The RV bomber was a 63-year-old Nashville man and had a history of working as a computer consultant for a realtor in the Tennessee city. The officials believe that Warner acted alone and he died in the explosion.

Footage of Friday’s blast from a downtown Nashville tattoo shop.


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