Valerie Plante leading with at least 51 per cent of the vote and has been elected as the 45th mayor of Montreal. She is the first female to ever fill the role.

There were eight candidates in total running for mayor this year. The leader of Projet Montréal has beaten the incumbent mayor Denis Coderre who was looking for a second term in municipal politics. Valerie Plante, 43, promises to improve public transit to traffic woes while keeping taxes down. She wants to make the city more family friendly. Here’s a brief rundown of her platforms:
• Cheaper Public Transit For Low-Income Earners.
• Free STM Use For Kids, Students And Elderly.
• A New Pink Line On The Metro.
• 300 Hybrid Buses On The Streets.
• No Tax Hikes For The Metro.
• Better Construction In Montreal.
• No Taxpayer Money For A Baseball Stadium.
• More Room For Families.
• No More Caleches.
• More Transparency From City Hall.

“She ran a perfect campaign,” Global News municipal politics analyst Karim Boulos explained. “I do politics because I care — ultimately what I want for my kids is what I want for Montrealers,” she told Global News during the campaign.

Montrealers listen and voted Valerie Plante to become the first woman to be elected mayor of Montreal.
“We’ve made history,” she tweeted. “Thank you, Montreal.”