Man Builds a Motorcycle Entirely from Wood.

Man Builds a Motorcycle Entirely from Wood.
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Posted by Call Out News on Sunday, May 28, 2017

Istvan Puskas Builds Three-Seater Motorcycle Entirely Out of Pine

The 52-year-old tractor driver, Istvan Puskas, from Tiszaörs, Hungary, used his extreme wood-whittling skills to create a three-seater bike entirely from pine with handlebars made from the horns of Hungarian Grey Cattle. He has been using his extreme skills to create vehicles for the last decade. He has made a chopper and several wooden pushbikes.

“People will stare at it, check out its special details & take photographs of the bike.” said Istvan.

“When I say everyone, I literally mean everyone loves this bike – from the young ones to the elderly.”

“Even though I do love my bike, I would still love to sell it to someone.”