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LILLEY: Polls show Canadians losing faith in country

We are a divided nation, perhaps more than ever.

It’s not just partisan Conservatives or Liberals trying to score points off of each other who are saying that — Canadians are now telling it to pollsters.

The latest poll doesn’t use those words but the sentiment is there. People are saying they are worried about the future of Canada, don’t think we are able to keep the peace any longer, and have lost faith in institutions and law enforcement.

We have gone from sunny ways to darker days.

The latest poll from Maru Public Opinion conducted Feb. 14-15 found a country in a very negative mood. John Wright, executive vice-president at Maru, said that the last three weeks have had a dramatic impact on how Canadians are viewing their country.

“Their faith has been shaken to the core with respect to some of the most fundamental notions that their country is based on,” Wright said.

The poll found that 66% “fear for the future of Canada,” while 62% say “they have lost faith in the ability of the country to keep peace, order and good government in place.” Those fearing for the future of Canada live in Quebec, where 69% feel that way. They’re followed by all three prairie provinces where that sentiment is held by 68%, compared to 66% in British Columbia, 64% in Ontario and 58% in Atlantic Canada.