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Giant aquarium bursts in Germany killing 1,500 tropical fish

Giant aquarium bursts in Germany, killing 1,500 tropical fish and spilling 1 million litres of water

A huge aquarium in Berlin that was home to around 1,500 exotic fish has burst, spilling 1 million litres of water and debris onto a major road in the busy Mitte district, emergency services said.

Around 100 emergency responders rushed to the site, a leisure complex that houses a Radisson hotel and a museum as well as what Sea Life Berlin said was the world’s largest freestanding cylindrical aquarium at 14 metres in height.

“It felt like an earthquake” said Naz Masraff, who was staying at the hotel when the aquarium burst on Friday.

Another hotel guest, Sandra Weeser, spoke of chaos.

“The whole aquarium burst and what’s left is total devastation. Lots of dead fish, debris,” she said.

Two people were injured by splinters of glass, and emergency services asked around 350 hotel guests to pack their belongings and leave amid concerns that there could be structural damage.

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