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Canadian speaker blames “poor audio,” cuts member’s feed when he asks why Klaus Schwab is “bragging” about the WEF successfully “infiltrating half of Canada’s cabinet” – (video)

Even elected officials aren’t allowed to ask some questions.

On Saturday, the Canadian Parliament continued its debate over Trudeau’s unprecedented use of the Emergencies Act, and, due to the ongoing crackdown against the trucker convoy, most of the members attended the session virtually through video chat.

But – as one member quickly found out – if you don’t show up, you can be silenced much easier.

During the session, Oshawa MP Colin Carrie had his feed cut by the Speaker of the House after asking about “outside influence” – specifically, Klaus Schwab – potentially corrupting the Canadian Government.

Carrie asked the legislators point-blank about why Schwab has been “bragging” about “infiltrating governments around the world,” including over “half of Canada’s cabinet,” but the feed cuts out before he can finish his full statement – right after he asks which specific members are in league with Schwab’s World Economic Forum.

How convenient.

As the feed cuts out, the Visibly panicked Speaker quickly shouts for “order” as he waves his hands and claims a “very very very bad audio” connection was to blame for Carrie going dark. Then – as if the question had never even been asked – he attempts to move along to the next topic.

Unbelievably, the next MP to speak – NDP’s Charlie Angus – was so outraged over the question that he angrily accuses Carrie of spreading “misinformation.”

Take a look:

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