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Canada Freedom Convoy: European Parliament member compares Trudeau to communist 'dictator'

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was lambasted this weekend by a member of European Parliament for cracking down on anti-vaccine mandate protesters in the capital of Ottawa.

“The prime minister of Canada, the way he’s behaving right now – he’s exactly like a tyrant, like a dictator. He’s like Ceaușescu in Romania,” MEP Cristian Terheș, of Romania, said during a speech to European Parliament in Brussels. “If you raise doubts about the vaccines, you’re outcasted. What’s the difference between what he does and what happened under The Inquisition?”

Ceaușescu was a Romanian communist politician and dictator until the late 1980s.

“On one side they say well we should not believe in God,” Terhes continued, making a comparison to the 12th century Catholic Church’s effort to root out heresy in Europe and the Americas. “But on the other they say believe in science,” he said of modern governments. “We don’t have to. Science is not about belief. Science is about measurements, conclusions, hypothesis and arguments.”

Terhes said he is offering support to truckers peacefully participating in the Freedom Convoy in Canada

“I hope this movement for freedom and for rights is spreading all around the world,” he said. “Because at the end of the day, we have to make sure that those elected officials understand that they were elected into those offices for the people. Not to behave like masters of slaves.”

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