Call Out News

The U.S. killed Iranian Hezbollah leaders in Baghdad after the U.S. Embassy in Iraq was targeted, the majority of news outlets reported this as an act of war or at least a reprehensible act by the U.S. but many citizens of Iraq and Iran are celebrating the death of the Iranian General Soleimani and other Iranian Hezbollah members.

The vast majority of mourners seem to be military-aged males and political actors, they gathered in Mosques and outside the home of the dead General as news outlets covered their every move but around the world Iranian migrants are celebrating the death of the Hezbollah members targeted by U.S. drones in the capital of Iraq.

What were Iranian Hezbollah members doing in Baghdad? Less than 15km away the U.S. Embassy was being targeted by a large group of protesters (as described by other news outlets), then days later when they stormed the Embassy they were called militia, not protesters. After General Soleimani was killed it became clear to many people that this attack on the U.S. Embassy was orchestrated by Hezbollah, not by Iraqi protesters who have been facing the hardships of war, infighting in their cities and have been protesting Iranian influences in Baghdad and surrounding areas.

At face value this seems like a measured approach to end the targeting of the U.S. Embassy, the U.S. troops at the Embassy respected a cease fire order to facilitate the extraction of more U.S. troops, they were not permitted to open fire on attackers. More Marines were sent to protect the Embassy as gunships loitered overhead deterring Hezbollah while protecting the troops. No lives on either side was lost as the additional U.S. troops reinforced the Embassy security forces. Breaking into the Embassy and lighting fires should be taken as a form of protest but the majority of news outlets failed to report on the facts once the Iranian General was killed by an airstrike.

The mainstream news outlets also failed to cover the numerous rallies in Iraq, U.S., Canada, and other parts of the world where Iranian migrants and citizens celebrated the strikes that ended the U.S. Embassy. The U.S. effectively ended the attack by figuratively chopping the head off the snake, not only sparing the lives of those in front of the U.S. Embassy but also making a point that Iranian Hezbollah leaders should not be in Iraq promoting civil unrest.